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Benefits of the Easy Cover

The Easy Cover™ power pontoon cover offers unparalleled benefits you won’t find with any other pontoon cover on the market.

More time on the water

The Easy Cover™ transitions from the Cover position to the Bimini position in 45 seconds. All the time you used to spend dealing with snaps, clips, and poles and wrestling with a mooring cover will be spent on the water, enjoying your pontoon.

Protects your investment

Conventional boat covers trap air under them turning your boat into a greenhouse that grows mold and mildew. When the Easy Cover™ is in the Cover position, the boat canopy is positioned to cover the entire boat deck, but it doesn’t trap air beneath it, allowing the interior of your boat to breathe, while keeping out the elements as well as leaves and twigs.


The Easy Cover™ cover is made from WeatherMax™ marine fabric, the gold standard in boat cover material. Using high-quality WeatherMax™ ensures the Easy Cover™ will be protecting your boat for years to come.

Designed to fit pontoon boats from leading manufacturers

Vision Marine Products, LLC has engineered the Easy Cover™ to adapt to several Pontoon makes and models by manufacturers including Crest, Manitou and Bennington. Vision plans to develop and introduce conversions for other brands in the near future. Additionally, retro-conversions may be available for other pontoons dependent upon dimensions and characteristics of the specific pontoon. Contact us at info@visionmarineproductsllc.com or call (517) 404-8203 for more information.

Locally owned and operated

Vision Marine Products, LLC was cofounded by Bruce Jones, designer, inventor and patent-holder, of the Irish Hills region in Michigan, and Devils Lake Water Sports’ business principal Mike Apling. Jones and Apling plan to continue to work with local partners for materials, fabrications, and assembly personnel for this innovative pontoon accessory as well as additional regional and national dealers.

Easy Cover Market Comparison

There are many different options out there when you’re trying to choose a cover for your pontoon boat. Like any big-ticket purchase, you should weigh the pros and cons of each possibility, as well as hear what others think about your potential options.

While other power pontoon covers offer DIY installation and a considerably lower cost, the Easy Cover™ is installed by our professional assemblers, guaranteeing it is done right the first time.

Other power pontoon boat covers keep your boat covered while at the dock, but don’t provide the Bimini or bridge options like the Easy Cover™ does.

The Easy Cover™ also has a distinct advantage over other covers that are attached to the dock and go over the pontoon boat. The Easy Cover protects your boat at the dock but also provides protection from the sun and rain while you have your pontoon out on the water.


Easy Cover Remote Control FOB

Switch seamlessly between modes with a quick press of a button…

Effortless automatic operation is what sets the Easy Cover™ power pontoon boat cover apart from the competition. At the touch of the wireless, remote-control key fob, the top will transition from fully-covered to the Bimini position in 45 seconds. Vision Marine Products knows traditional pontoon boat covers can be cumbersome. With all those snaps, straps, and poles, the effort it takes for a quick ride can be too time consuming.

The Easy Cover™ wireless, remote-control key fob has a power button and four simple action buttons that correspond with each of the Easy Cover positions; Cover, Double Bimini, Bimini, and Bridge for more shade or passing under some overhead obstructions. You simply press the button corresponding to the position of your choice and the Easy Cover™ seamlessly transitions in as little as 45 seconds. In most cases, your Easy Cover™ will have your pontoon ready for use by the time you can walk down your dock.

Effortless ease of use and reliable automation are the features that set Easy Cover™ automatic pontoon covers apart from the competition. Most other pontoon covers marketed as solutions to the hassles of covering pontoons still require snaps, clips and straps and you’ll still have to manually deploy the Bimini Top. These aren’t going to end the hassle, frustration and physical effort related to covering and uncovering the pontoon.

The Easy Cover™ provides not only protection for your pontoon while it is docked, but the fob allows you to switch seamlessly to the operating position of your choice with a quick press of a button. Your pontoon will be fully-covered while its docked, protecting your investment from rain and the damaging effects of the sun, but it also keeps you and your passengers covered while you’re out on the water. And perhaps most importantly, the time and effort you will save by using the Easy Cover™ allows you to spend more time enjoying your boat and makes this the most valuable boat accessory you’ll ever buy.

Easy Cover Ordering & Installation

Ordering and installation of the Easy Cover power pontoon cover

The Easy Cover™ is the automatic pontoon cover that will save you time and effort and have you out on the water, enjoying your pontoon more than you ever imagined.

Please provide us with your boat information, along with your name, phone number, and email address so that our engineers can determine if the Easy Cover™ will fit your boat.

Please call (937) 686-5555 or email: Sales@budsmarine.com
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